Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today was a great postcard day. 4 beautiful cards in the mailbox, 1 of them from a new unesco site.

This first card from Germany was sent by Rafal and it shows the Muskauer Park. "A landscaped park of 559.9 ha astride the Neisse River and the border between Poland and Germany, it was created by Prince Hermann von Puckler-Muskau from 1815 to 1844. Blending seamlessly with the surrounding farmed landscape, the park pioneered new approaches to landscape design and influenced the development of landscape architecture in Europe and America. Designed as a ‘painting with plants’, it did not seek to evoke classical landscapes, paradise, or some lost perfection, instead using local plants to enhance the inherent qualities of the existing landscape. This integrated landscape extends into the town of Muskau with green passages that formed urban parks framing areas for development. The town thus became a design component in a utopian landscape. The site also features a reconstructed castle, bridges and an arboretum." - in:

This one from Finland and the next one from Latvia were sent by Sirpa "tora_fin".
"Kemi is a town and municipality of Finland, located in the province of Lapland. It was founded in 1869 by royal decree, because of its proximity to a deep water harbour. Kemi church is an Evangelical Lutheran church. The building was designed by architect Josef Stenbäck and it was completed in 1902." - in: wikipedia
Latvian Academy of Fine Art in Riga.

And now a card from São Paulo, Brazil, sent and signed by the participants of the Postcrossing Meeting last august 31. Thanks to Karina "kazinhabueno", Valéria "vbformig", Tereza "Sati", Paula "Paula_LC", Bia, Thiago "manepipoca" and Fábio "nogueira".

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