Sunday, March 29, 2009

Europe RR + tag

I got the last 3 Europe RR cards from Sabine "bine" and she also sent me 3 other cards from a tag. All the cards are great but i already 2 of them, that's why there's only 3 here. These 3 are all unesco.

"The Holstentor ("Holsten Gate") is a late Brick Gothic city gate, the only still existing one beside the Burgtor and part of the medieval fortifications of Lübeck in Germany. It consists of two round towers at the north and the south side with an arched entranceway between them. The building is four stories high. Today it is considered a major landmark of Lübeck. Together with the Altstadt of Lübeck it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987." - in: wikipedia

Several views of Stralsund.

Ruins of the Roman Baths in Trier.

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