Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hamburg - Germany

Today is my day off and like almost all my day offs, i'm spending the day in front of the computer. The weather hasn't been nice in the last days, wind, rain, snow and with these weather conditions i don't feel like going outside. What to do then?? Take care of my dear postcard collection :) So, let the updates begin.
This is an used german card sent from Brazil. I don't mind to get used cards as long as they're in good conditions. This card from Hamburg is really beautiful and i think it was a nice trade with Guilherme "saluz".
Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and the eight-largest city in the European Union. The card shows the Speicherstadt, the warehouse district.
"The Speicherstadt in Hamburg, Germany is the world-largest timber-pile founded warehouse district of the world. It is located in the port of Hamburg—within the HafenCity quarter—and was built from 1883 to 1927.
The warehouses were built with different support structures, but Andreas Meyer created a Neo-Gothic red-brick outer layer with little towers, alcoves, and glazed terra cotta ornaments. The warehouses are multi-storey buildings with entrances form water and land. One of the oldest warehouses is the Kaispeicher B of the International Maritime Museum.
The Speicherstadt is a tourist attraction in Hamburg. There are several museums like the Deutsches Zollmuseum (German Customs Museum), Miniatur Wunderland, a model railway, and the Afghan Museum.
The buildings are also used as warehouses. As of 2005, the companies in the Speicherstadt handled one-third of the world's carpet production, and other goods as cocoa, coffee, tea, spices, maritime equipment, and electronic goods." - in: wikipedia

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