Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DE-992417 & DE-977040

Two officials from Germany with two churches.

DE-992417, sent by Vanessa.

Aachen Cathedral, also referred to as the Kaiserdom ("Imperial Cathedral") of Aachen, is a building of great historical, architectural and religious importance. Built by Charlemagne in 805 AD, its unique design was highly influential on German church architecture and it was a site of imperial coronations and pilgrimage for many centuries.

Aachen Cathedral remains one of the oldest churches in Germany and contains a wealth of treasures from the early medieval period, including Charlemagne's Throne (c.800), a golden altarpiece (c.1000), a golden pulpit (c.1020), the golden shrine of Charlemagne (1215), and the shrine of the Virgin Mary (1238). The last contains an impressive collection of relics and still attracts pilgrims. Still more treasures are on display in the magnificent Cathedral Treasury. - in:

In 1978, it was one of the first 12 items to make the entry into the Unesco list of world heritage sites.

DE-977040, sent by Franz.

This is interior of the romanesque Pfeiler Basilica in Plattlings, a town in Bavaria.

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