Friday, March 1, 2013

Burgos' Cathedral - Spain

Manuela is sending me cards from different places, this one is from Spain, with the Burgos Cathedral's Door of el Sarmental.
Burgos Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral in northern Spain. It is notable for its vast size, magnificent Gothic architecture, and unique history. Burgos Cathedral was added to the World Heritage List in 1984.

 © edilesa, 2005 - Photo by Archivo Edilesa / Norberto
The Door of the Sarmental, which was built in the purest Gothic style and finished around 1235, is on the South façade. It is the most classical and elegant of the Cathedral Doors because of its perfect proportions and the beauty of its sculpture-work. The central figure of the tympanum is Christ, Majesty, Master with the Book of Wisdom in his hand, surrounded by the four evangelists and their symbols. Below in the lintel, you can see the twelve apostles holding the gospel in their hands. The statues on the jambs were replaced in the 17th Century and show Aaron and Moses on the left and St Peter and St Paul on the right. In the mullion there is a statue of a bishop, successor to Christ the Teacher, who may be Don Mauricio, the bishop who started the Cathedral. In the archivolts, there are angels holding candles and the Old men of the Apocalypse. - in:

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