Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First cards of 2008

Today was a day for surprise cards, all from different countries. And the 1st cards of 2008 are from Canada, Singapore, Brazil and Portugal.

A surprise card from Marie "renegade_cavalcade" showing the holiday season lights up Nathan Phillips Square and Old City Hall in Toronto.

The Lion Dance from the Visit Singapore Project, sent by "ClaireAnn88". The Lion Dance is a traditional chinese performance and common sight during Chinese New Year celebrations. These performances are always a captivating visual display of strength, agility and coordination.

Jatiúca Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Maceió, the capital city of Alagoas state. This is a RAS card sent by Luciana "Lucca".

Another surprise card, this time, Tomar Castle sent by Zé "Zepombal". "The castle of Tomar was built around 1160 on a strategic location, over a hill and near river Nabão. It has an outer defensive wall and a citadel with a keep inside. The keep, a central tower of residential and defensive functions, was introduced in Portugal by the templars, and the one in Tomar is one of the oldest in the country. Another novelty introduced in Portugal by the templars are the round towers in the outer walls, which are more resistant to attacks than square towers. When the town was founded, most of its residents lived in houses located inside the protective outer walls of the castle." - in wikipedia.

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