Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Portugal, Brazil, USA

Today i've received 4 cards. 3 from Setúbal, Portual sent by Américo and a surprise card from Brazil sent by Ralf.

Setúbal Cathedral.

Convent of Jesus in Setúbal.

Convent of Jesus interior.

Panoramic view of Porto da Barra Beach in Salvador da Bahía - Brazil. I had to copy this image from the net because the card was too big to scan, it has the size of 3 normal cards :o

I've received this card yesterday. Ziggurat Building in Sacramento, California and it was sent by Keri "kairbear" - "i'm addicted to postcards tag".


B. Fred said...

Tag you're 'IT'.
I found your site very interesting. I'd love to send you a postcard from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Not that Omaha is really interesting, scenically speaking, but it is a place to live with its own, individual history.

Anyway, I'm playing a game of tag, and you have been tagged. If you are interested in the rules feel free to visit my site.

B. Fred said...

Oops, I hit the return too soon.

B. Fred said...

Again, I made a mistake, that's what happens when you are a newbee.