Friday, April 4, 2008

1, 2, 3......... 8 postcards

Today was a great day, 8 cards :) 2 from Angola, 1 from Mozambique - a new country - and 2 from Portugal sent by Paulo + 2 other portuguese cards sent by Inês "askforanswers".

The Bica Elevator is classified as National Monument and it is one of the Lisboa’s tourist attractions. Inaugurated in 1892, with conception of Raul Mesnier Ponsard, and capacity for 23 persons, this funicular started working in steam, and some years after, in 1914, it started working with electrical energy.Around this epoch several funicular, or lifts, were built with the propose to facilitate everyday life to those who travel around the “seven hills” city.

Electric tram in Lisbon.

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