Friday, August 15, 2008

Camaret-sur-Mer - France

Yesterday i've got 2 cards but I didn't have time to make the updates. Today is an holiday, no cards in the mailbox but I'll show this Camaret-sur-Mer card, a new UNESCO site in my collection, sent by Sylvie "pazzolina"

 This card shows the Chapel of Our Lady of Rocamadour and Vauban Castle in Camaret-sur-Mer.
"Camaret-sur-Mer is home to the Tour Vauban or Tour dorée (lit. "Golden Tower"), a historic fortification guarding the harbor and built in 1669-94. In 2008, the Tour dorée was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as part of the "Fortifications of Vauban" group.
Fortifications of Vauban consists of 12 groups of fortified buildings and sites along the western, northern and eastern borders of France. They were designed by Vauban (1633–1707)." - in
: wikipedia

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