Monday, October 12, 2009

1st Portuguese Road Trip

One week ago i was in Salamanca, Spain, having a great time with a few postcrossers friends. It was a postcrossing meeting but we called it the "1st Portuguese Road Trip".
The road trip started on saturday 3rd and ended on the 5th. I was working saturday and joined them in Salamanca sunday.
Salamanca is 1.30 hour from my city, i've been there before but it's always a pleasure to visit the city. Is one of my favorites spanish cities and is absolutely gorgeous.

If this was a postcrossing meeting we had to sign and send cards and we sent 109 cards. I've sent this one to myself.

This is the group photo in the Plaza Mayor. From left to right: Mari Angeles (she joined postcrossing after this meeting), Joana "joaninha"; Paula "geminiscp", Maritere "maritekia", Susana "susanaportugal", me, Diogo "diegoportucale".

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Carla said...

I eally enjoy this meeitng