Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Asakusa, Tokyo - Japan

From the tranquility of a mountain village in India to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Asakusa is one of Tokyo's major sightseeing areas. Relie visited it when she traveled to Japan 8 years ago. 8 years later I got another card from there, an official this time. 
Asakusa is famous in particular for Sensoji Temple. The temple's imposing red Kaminarimon Gate dominates Asakusa's main street and is the district's best known landmark.
Asakusa offers the sights, sounds and smells of old, historical Tokyo like nowhere else in the metropolis can. Life is still very much lived on the streets of Asakusa, tangible and visible in the roadside vending, the rickshaws for hire, and regular street festivals. - in:

JP-1150938, sent by Satomi.
Of the iconic photo spots in Asakusa is Kaminarimon Gate. 
Originally built by military commander Taira no Kinmasa and dating back to 942 A.D., Kaminarimon Gate was later relocated to its current site. Reconstructed several times after being damaged by fire, the current gate dates from 1960. 
The gate’s centerpiece is a magnificent red lantern made by a Kyoto lantern maker and inscribed with kanji characters meaning "thunder gate,". 

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