Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lugo - Spain

After the meeting in Braga, Joana "joaninha" went on a secret trip. Only those at the meeting knew where she was. Others, like me, had to wait for a postcard to discover her secret destination. The postcard arrived yesterday and the secret was revealed, she went to Lugo, Spain, an Unesco whs since 2000.

I already had 1 card from Lugo but only with the walls. This one has the walls and the cathedral.
The cathedral of Lugo is located just inside Lugo’s old Roman wall.
This cathedral really is an eclectic merging of styles and forms. If you were to look at the front and rear facades independently, you could easily be mistaken for thinking that they were from two completely different buildings. Taking the structure as a whole you have a combination of Romanesque, gothic, baroque and neoclassical styling.
The oldest parts of Lugo’s cathedral dates back to 1129 AD when the building was constructed as a Romanesque gothic temple, but many additions, alterations and repairs have modified it over the years.

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Carla said...

I realy like my trip and make surprises to my friends.