Tuesday, October 5, 2010


From the same corner of the world, an official from Australia.

AU-100909, sent by Kevin.
Don't test your eyes, i'll copy the text on the card: "Found 350 km south-west of Alice Springs, the world's largest monotlith lies in stark contrast to its flat desert surrounds. Uluru is 343 metres high, 3.6 kms long, 2.4 kms wide, 8 kms in circumference and contrary to popular belief is not a single stone, but one of three surviving peaks of an ancient mountain range.
Steeped in ancient aboriginal mythology, Uluru means Meeting Place, sacred home to the many Dreamtime legends which are decipted in paintings and carvings around the rock.
The colour of the rock appears to change continuously, with sunrise and sunset, the best time to capture the most powerful reads and golds. Thought to be 600 million years old, visitors see just a small fraction of what must be under the surface. Some geologists believe that the roots actually go down more than 600 metres."

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