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Four Macau cards also sent by Paulo.
"Opened on 19th December, 2001, Macau Tower is 338 metres in height. It is an elegant construction offering magnificent panoramic views all over Macau and much of the Pearl River Delta from its observation deck and revolving restaurant, at the 223-metre level. There is the opportunity to walk around the outside of the tower, for instance "Skywalk X"." - in:

"If the history of Macau is really connected to the sea, there is no better place for the Maritime Museum, than the Square of the Barra Pagoda, dedicated to the Taoist goddess "A-MA", the protector of fishermen, and also believed to be the place where the Portuguese first landed. The precise spot is where the Maritime Museum is located, the building is in the shape of a sailing ship anchored in the waters of the Inner Harbour.
On the ground floor the visitor can see the traditions and the way of life of the fishermen in Macau and South China.
The first floor is dedicated exclusively to the Great Discovery, emphasising the Maritime History of China and Portugal, since it was the sea, which brought these two civilisations together.
The second floor is dedicated to Maritime Technology and Transport and it illustrates the way Macau has been connected to the sea.
On the way out the visitor will cross a gallery of aquariums showing a riverbed, the harbour waters, a coral reef and last of all the seabed with the remains if an ancient shipwreck. Outside of the museum the visitor will find several real size exhibits, among which a dragon-boat similar to those raced during the Dragon Boat Festival." - in:

"Barrier Gate of Macau is the historic parting between the Chinese mainland and the Macau peninsula. Originally conceived as the barrier by the colonial Portuguese rulers to obstruct cultural and political exchanges between the people of China and Macau, Macau Barrier Gate or Portas do Cerco Macau is now a must in the Macau sightseeing tour.

Barrier Gate of Macau is located at the northern most point of Macau where the peninsula unites with the mainland. This Macau Gate build of granite stones traditionally marked the border between this former colonial possession of Portugal and China. Erected in 1870 to thwart the impeding Chinese nationalistic upsurge from inflowing to Macau, this Barrier Gate of Macau is now maintained as a small park. A quote of Sun Yat Sen, the father of Chinese nationalism, "Honor your country for your country is watching you" is well engraved in the stone walls of the gate.

Barrier Gate of Macau is now the chief attraction on Macau sightseeing tour. The restructured Macau Barrier Gate Square is decorated with fountains at the centre amidst green plants. The azure tiles at the side walls jointly with the sonnet of the Portuguese Poet, Camoes portray the history of Macau. This specimen of history is surrounded by modern buildings on both side housing immigration and customs." -in:

Macau's name is derived from A-Ma-Gau or Place of A-Ma and this temple dedicated to the seafarers' goddess dates from the early 16th century.

According to legend, A-Ma, a poor girl looking for passage to Canton, was refused by the wealthy junk owners but a lowly fisherman took her on board. A storm blew up and wrecked all but the boat carrying the girl.
On arrival in Macau she vanished, to reappear as a goddess, on the spot where the fishermen built her temple.
It consists of prayer halls, pavilions and courtyards built into the boulder-strewn hill and connected by winding paths through moon gates and tiny gardens. At the entrance is a large rock on which is engraved a traditional sailing junk. On other boulders are carved red characters invoking the gods or repeating a prayer.
Three of the four pavilions are dedicated to A-Ma and contain some fine statues of the goddess together with a model of a junk with cannons, brass vessels and chapels to Buddhist and Taoist gods. The top shrine honours Kun Iam. This temple is distinguished by beautiful tiled roofs and spectacular views from the upper gardens. The festival of A-Ma takes place on the 23rd day of the 3rd moon (April or May).
Firecrackers, to scare away evil spirits, are exploded in the entrance courtyard to greet tour groups and lions dances are performed here on weekends. - in:

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