Saturday, February 25, 2012

Helsinki Valentine's Day Meeting

If it is a meeting card from Finland, it had to be sent by Heidi :D She, "kherya", "Yomyohan" and "Delenna" had a meeting last Valentines Day in Helsinki.

The card shows Helsinki's cathedral.

Photo by Paul Williams

Finnish Valentine’s Day is considered as the ’friendship day’. The bond of friendship is celebrated with sheer enthusiasm on this day. It’s believed that Finnish people have begun to celebrate the Valentine’s Day only from the end of the 1980’s. People usually enjoy the day with exchange of gifts. While other countries celebrate the event with the spirit of romance, finish people replace it with friendship. In Finland, Valentine’s Day is not considered as a lover’s day. On Valentine’s Day, Finland postal service delivers special cards and stamps. Their terrific campaigns on Friendships Day are widely appreciated and are popular among the Finnish people. Greeting card is also a main attraction of Valentine’s Day in Finland. - in:

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