Monday, January 28, 2013

Sultan Mosque - Singapore

The celebrate the New Year, Relie organized a surprise RR on the GTKY thread. I've sent my surprise card to Marie and i've received this one from Relie!!

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A visit to Singapore’s Kampong Glam district isn’t complete without a stop at Sultan Mosque. With its massive golden dome and huge prayer hall, the Sultan Mosque is one of Singapore's most impressive religious buildings, and the focal point of Muslims in Singapore.
The mosque was first built in 1824 by Sultan Hussain Shah, the first sultan of Singapore, with a grant from the East India Company. The minarets and balustrades you see today were added on by architect Denis Santry, who supervised the reconstruction after the mosque’s centennial celebration.
The main prayer hall can hold up to 5,000 worshippers, and is one of the biggest and most amazing religious structures in Singapore. - in:

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