Monday, May 20, 2013

Ameira do Tejo Castle - Portugal

Amieira do Tejo is a parish also in Alentejo. I've been there on my last holidays and visited the castle. It was my 1st time there. The castle was nice but the best surprise was inside the tourism office, which is in front of the castle. The office sells a few cards. Some are not that great but the cards with this image are almost free, only 0.10€ each!!!

Photo by Manuel Ribeiro
In 1232, owing to a regal charter issued by King Sancho II, the dominion of the Knights Hospitaler expanded their influence into the south; The construction of the castle in Amieira only developed a century after the Hospitalers had taken possession of the territory.
Its construction was the responsibility of Álvaro Gonçalves Pereira, son of the Archbishop of Braga Gonçalo Pereira, prior of the Order of the Hospital. The castle of Amieira was constructed as part of the settlement's place in the new function of the Order: to assist the travelling pilgrims.
The fortress suffered various modifications over the centuries. During the reigns of King John II and King Manuel, there were remodelling to adapt the structure to the new military requirements. Simultaneously, it served as a prison, due to its excellent construction. Losing its military function, due to the change in the lines of defence over time, the castle fell in importance. In the 18th century, a great part of the historical structure was abandoned, and part of the fortress was adapted for civil residences. By this time, the prison tower was partially recuperated, but its military functionally was completed abandoned.
In the 19th century, the central courtyard was converted into a local cemetery, which continued to be used in this form until the 1940s. It has been listed as a National monument since 10 November 1922. - in: wikipedia

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