Friday, May 17, 2013

US-2078239, US-2136363 & US-2196319

 More officials from the US, this time from Pennsylvania (again), Texas and NY.

Photo © Dan Amerson
US-2078239, sent by Don.
Pittsburgh is the seat of Allegheny County and with a population of 307,484 is the second-largest city in the U.S. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With a metropolitan CSA population of 2,661,369 it is the largest in both the Ohio Valley and Appalachia and the 22nd-largest in the U.S. Pittsburgh is known as both "the Steel City" for its more than 300 related businesses and "the City of Bridges" for its world record 446 bridges.  
The card shows Downtown Pittsburgh, colloquially referred to as the Golden Triangle and officially the Central Business District, the urban downtown center of Pittsburgh. It is located at the confluence of the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River whose joining forms the Ohio River. The "triangle" is bounded by the two rivers. The area features offices for major corporations such as PNC Bank, U.S. Steel, PPG, Bank of New York Mellon, Heinz, Federated Investors and Alcoa. - in: wikipedia

Photo by LoneStarMike
US-2136363, sent by Dee Dee.
Austin  is the fourth-largest city and the capital of the U.S. state of Texas and the seat of Travis County. Located in Central Texas on the eastern edge of the American Southwest, Austin is the 13th most populous city in the United States of America and the fourth most populous city in the state of Texas.  Austin is also the third largest state capital in the United States after Phoenix and Indianapolis.
Austin is known as a "clean air city" for the city's stringent no-smoking ordinances that apply to all public places and buildings, and all restaurants. - in: wikipedia

Photo by © Stephen Wilkes - Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery
US-2196319, sent by Liz.
The building form most closely associated with New York City is the skyscraper, which has controversially shifted many commercial and residential districts from low-rise to high-rise. Surrounded mostly by water, the city has amassed one of the largest and most varied collection of skyscrapers in the world. - in: wikipedia

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