Thursday, January 9, 2014

NL-2234352 & NL-2234384

Two dutch officials written on the same day, sent on the same day and received on the same day!! 

 © Donker Utrecht
NL-2234352, sent by Maryn.
This is an unsual view of the Dom Tower in Utrecht. 
Climbing the Dom Tower is a wonderful opportunity to explore the city of Utrecht in an entirely different way! Via 465 steps (there is no lift), a guide will take you to the top of the highest church tower in the Netherlands. Halfway there, you will get a view of the historic bells with a total weight of no less than 32,000 kg. One floor higher is the magnificent 17th-century Hemony carillon. The tower galleries at 70 and 95 metres provide a spectacular view of the city and province of Utrecht. - in:

© Aad Schenk
NL-2234384, sent by Martha.
Kinderdijk is one the ducth place on my must visit list.
A visit to Kinderdijk gives you the extraordinary opportunity to visit a UNESCO World Heritage in Holland. In 1997, the windmill complex of Kinderdijk was added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list because of its unique character. UNESCO considers the polder area with its dykes, boezems, mills and pumping stations to be proof of human inventiveness in reclaiming and protecting the land. This is worldwide recognition of the fact that this unique area must be preserved for the future.
The gorgeous windmills of Kinderdijk are part of a unique phenomenon. Nowhere else in the world can you find the complete history of water management at a single location. The windmills and pumping stations drain the excess water from the Alblasserwaard into the river Lek via the Elshout sluices. Subsequently, the river discharges the water into the sea. - in:

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