Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PT RR - Group 86 * Churches

Nice churches from Brazil, Portugal and Belgium.

Luzia sent me this card showing the Chapel of Our Lady of Piedade in Piedade Mountain, in Caeté, Minas Gerais state. 
The chapel is a fairly simple temple, built between 1704-1770. This was a prayer temple for pilgrims and penitents who climbed to mountain seeking for silence, far from the world and close to heaven.  

© Micahel Howard Photography * www.mikehowardphoto.com
From southern Portugal, Tiago sent this card with the Chapel of Our Lady of Rocha in Porches. The chapel was built on a narrow tongue of rock extending into the sea. Its origins are lost in time. The hermitage used to be surrounded by an old coastal defence fort (built in the 15th century) which was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755.

© Uitgave Antoine Beringen
Lieve has already sent a card of this church, Saint Peter's Church of Leuven, last year. On the left side of the card is possible to see a bit of the gorgeous Town Hall building. 

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