Saturday, December 6, 2014


An official from Ukraine. 

 Photo by Vadim Tolbatov
UA-1183961, sent by Julia.
Khersonesskiy Light is an active historic lighthouse on the southwest corner of the Crimean peninsula. The original lighthouse was a conical stone tower. It was replaced in 1929 but it was almost completely destroyed during World War II and it was again replaced, this time by a wood tripod tower until a copy of the 1929 lighthouse could be built. The tower is greatly endangered by rising sea level, and a stone berm and semicircular sea wall have been built to protect it. The unusual flash pattern, the Morse code "SW" for Sevastopol', is the traditional welcome-home for Russian (and Ukrainian) sailors. 
In August 2008, a diplomatic spat arose after Ukrainian officials tried to seize equipment at the lighthouse and were instead detained by Russian Navy staff. - in:

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