Thursday, February 19, 2015


An official from Ouro Preto, a city that I'd love to visit in Brazil. I've a few cards from here but this is the 1st with the Museum of the Inconfidência. 

Edição: Postais de Minas
BR-339885, sent by Célio.
Museum of the Inconfidência is a history museum dedicated to those who died in a failed rebellion movement, Inconfidência Mineira, for Brazilian independence from Portugal. It was established in 1938. It is located in Tiradentes Square in Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais. 
The museum keeps a valuable collection of objects and manuscripts relating to the Inconfidência revolutionary plot, such as works attributed to Aleijadinho, Xavier de Brito, Master Ataíde, Servas ... as well as clothing, furniture and assorted objects of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. - in:
The museum was established in the 20th century but the building was built in the 18th. It was used as legislative house and jail.

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