Monday, July 20, 2015

NL-3068992, NL-3069013 & NL-3069000

Last monday I've got not 1, not 2 but 3 official cards from the Netherlands. 

 Foto © Depositphotos/Merial
NL-3068992, sent by Janny.
This is Gouda's Town Hall, a very beautiful bulding that I didn't get to see properly because of the weekly market :( 
It is one of the oldest and most impressive Gothic secular buildings in The Netherlands. 
The Gothic Goudse stadhuis was already in use by 1450 but many alterations have been made through the centuries. In the 17th century it was added a staircase leading to the entrance as well as the balcony at the rear of the building on which offenders could be mocked and denounced by the people. It was on this balcony that in 1860 the death penalty was executed for the last time in The Netherlands.

NL-3069013, sent by Monique. 
The biggest church in Amsterdam, built 1619 – 1631, the Westerkerk – English: The Western Church, is the most important Protestant church in the city, while its bell tower – the Westerkerk Tower - Dutch: Westertoren, remains until today the pride of Amsterdam, regarded by many, as the city symbol. - in:

NL-3069000, sent by Hester.
Ommen is an Hanseatic city in the Vecht valley of the Salland region, which is at the heart of the province of Overijssel in the eastern Netherlands.
Omemn has five windmills, this one on the card is Besthem mill, from 1862 and recently renovated. The Besthem mill houses the Nature Information Centre with expositions about Ommen's diverse landscape and ecosystems.

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