Saturday, July 4, 2015

Orange - France

The UNESCO Committee has been chosing the new World Heritage Sites, so far I only have two of them. I only had cards from 5 of the candidates, getting 2 in 5 is not that bad but having a 3rd would be nice :) 

This carc sent by Óscar, is also from a UNESCO site, the Roman Theatre and its Surroundings and the Monumental Arch of Orange, were added to this list in 1981. 

Edittions Cellard
The Triumphal Arch of Orange is a triumphal arch located in the town of Orange, southeast France. There is debate about when the arch was built, but current research that accepts the inscription as evidence favours a date during the reign of Augustus (27 BC - AD 14). It was built on the former via Agrippa to honor the veterans of the Gallic Wars and Legio II Augusta. It was later reconstructed by emperor Tiberius to celebrate the victories of Germanicus over the German tribes in Rhineland.[4] The arch contains an inscription dedicated to emperor Tiberius in AD 27. On the northern (outward-facing) facade, the architrave and cornice have been cut back and a bronze inscription inserted, now lost; attempts at reconstructing its text from the placement of cramp holes for the projecting tines of its letters have not been successful. The arch is decorated with various reliefs of military themes, including naval battles, spoils of war and Romans battling Germanics and Gauls. A Roman foot soldier carrying the shield of Legio II Augusta is seen on the north front battle relief. - in: wikipedia

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