Friday, September 18, 2015

Cabo San Lucas - Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is one of the areas classified and identified on the UNESCO list as Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California. The site was classified in 2005 and comprises 244 islands, islets and coastal areas that are located in the Gulf of California in north-eastern Mexico. 
This 4th card sent by Marco shows the Arch of San Lucas, the exact place where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California, also known as Sea of Cortez.

The Sea of Cortez and its islands have been called a natural laboratory for the investigation of speciation. Moreover, almost all major oceanographic processes occurring in the planet’s oceans are present in the property, giving it extraordinary importance for study. The site is one of striking natural beauty in a dramatic setting formed by rugged islands with high cliffs and sandy beaches, which contrast with the brilliant reflection from the desert and the surrounding turquoise waters. - in:

© Claude Vogel
The distinctive landmark of Cabo San Lucas is the rugged taffy-colored El Arco (The Arch) rock formation that erupts from the sea at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. the arch is also known as Land's End because, as the crow flies, if you followed a line south from here, you would not touch land again until you reached the South Pole.

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