Friday, September 11, 2015

São Paulo's Cathedral - Brazil

I believe these are all my cards from São Paulo's Cathedral. The 1st card was sent by José, the next one is an official and the last two were sent by Márcio, a former penpal.

Mundial Com. de Postais Lda.
The São Paulo Cathedral is a cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of São Paulo, Brazil. It is the largest cathedral in South America.
The Cathedral is located in the city center of São Paulo, just off of the main square of the city, Praça da Sé.
It is the city’s main cathedral, that can hold up to 8,000 people making it the largest church in São Paulo. The São Paulo Metropolitan Cathedral is 111 meters long by 46 meters wide and has two towers with a height of 92 meters and also a dome that reaches over 30 meters.

Foto: Sérgio O. Rehder
BR-358683, sent by Ana.
The cathedral was designed by German Maximilian Emil Hehl and is neo-gothic structure, with a Renaissance-styled dome,
inspired by the Renaissance dome of the Cathedral of Florence. The construction of the cathedral began in 1913 on the site of the demolished colonial cathedral.
However, due to the world wars, the work proceeded slowly and the inauguration of the new Cathedral happened in 1954, with the unfinished towers, but in time for the celebration of Sao Paulo’s 400th anniversary. The towers were eventually completed in 1967. 

Over 800 tons of rare marble were used to construct the Catedral da Se. All mosaics, sculptures and furniture that make up the church were brought by ship from Italy.

Along with the usual saints and angels, the interior of the cathedral is decorated with stained glass windows, marble, sculpted Brazilian produce such as coffee branches, exotic fruits, and native animals. The cathedral sits upon a large crypt that has the tombs of all bishops and archbishops of São Paulo.
The crypt is located beneath the main altar and has the tombs of all bishops and archbishops of Sao Paulo and several important figures in Brazil’s history. - in:

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