Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Uma Lulik Houses - East Timor

Today I've something new in this blog. Well, all the cards are new but this one is from a country I've never posted cards from, East Timor. 
These strange and beautiful houses are called Uma Lulik, they're sacred houses. These two can be found in Bauru. 

Photo 2010 © Karel Hrdina
Uma luliks are sacred animist totem houses in East Timor, made out of natural materials like timber, bamboo, wooden planks, twine and rope made out of the native palm called arenga pinnata. Besides being just a construction, the concept of uma lulik includes rituals, ceremonies and beliefs – these were the houses where the living could communicate with their ancestors. The word itself, Lulik, refers to the spiritual cosmos, root of life and sacred rules that dictate relationships between people and nature.
These houses were constructed by traditional architects, who possessed the knowledge of rituals to be performed while building these constructions. They knew the intricate details of the building materials – which grass had to be used for the house's roof, what wood to use for making posts and planks, what to use to tie the parts together. All the materials had to be natural in order to tie the house with the intangible forces of nature. - in:

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