Thursday, April 7, 2016

Arte Xávega - Portugal

Both these cards represent a traditional fishing technique still used in a few portuguese beaches, mainly in the Central Region. These cards, sent from Zé and Sofia are from Praia da Vieira and Mira. 

 Fotografia: Oswaldo Santos
The Arte-Xávega dates from the nineteenth century, time when fishermen go out by boat to launch their fishnets into the sea.The fishnets measured about 300 meters, reaching in some cases 600 (in the four paddle boats). The fishnets were made of linen, which made them heavier, requiring many people to transport them to the boat, and particularly pulling them to land. The Xávega demanded a great collective effort.

Fotografia: Oswaldo Santos
Returning from the labor, the fishnets were removed from the sea to the coast, with the help of yoke of oxen, as well as a multitude of men and women who collaborated in this difficult task of pulling the fishnet across the sand and removing from it all the fish. - in:
Nowadays the nets are pulled out from the sea by tractors.

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