Saturday, October 8, 2016


Everybody seems to love GF cards. I'm really not one of those and that's not because I don't like the cards, I like them, they're nice but not necessarily but kind of favorite cards. Actually, I only have the portuguese card and now this one from Poland. 

Designed by Ewa Slocinska
PL-1238423, sent by Jacob.
Poland's capital city is Warsaw. The country is 312685 km2 and has a population of 38 483 857; over 25000 are postcrossing members.
Forests cover about 30% of Poland's territory. The country has 9300 lakes and Rysy is the highest mountain with 2499 meters. The country is home of 1225 european bisons, the largest mamals in Europe.
Pope John Paul II, Frederic Chopin, Marie Curie and Nicolaus Copernicus are some of the most famous Poles.
Amber, the baltic gold, comes in more than 300 varieties. Gdansk registered its first amber artisans guild in 1477.
In 2014 the Polish National Volleybal men team won the world championship. 

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