Friday, January 6, 2017

Herzegovina - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Too make it shorter, we often call Bosnia to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In fact Bosnia is a geographical and historical region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Herzegovina is another region. This postcard is from Herzegovina, in the south of the country.

All these monuments and places can be visited in Herzegovina. 
In Radimlja we can find stećci, monumental medieval tombstones that lie scattered across Bosnia and Herzegovina and also in the border parts of Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. Last July, some of this tombs were classified as World Heritage.
Počitelj is a small historical town located below the high cliffs above Neretva river, dominated by the medieval defense fortress.
In the pictures below, the Mostar bridge is immediately recognizable. I'll go there one day.
Hutovo Blato is a nature and bird reserve.
On the last picture there's Međugorje Sanctuary. Only a few days ago, reading a book by José Rodrigues dos Santos, a portuguese reporter and author, I've learned of the existence of this sanctuary. Međugorje is a famous place of pilgrimage because of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to 6 children in 1981. 

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