Tuesday, July 25, 2017

March Alternative RR 3 (I)

Last March I decided to join again an Alternative monthly RR. I've received a total of 19 cards, from 10 countries. These are from Russia, Malaysia, USA and Finland. 

This card was actually sent from Belarus by Tanya but there's no doubt that this is a russian card. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, on the northern side of the Moskwa River, near the Moscow's Kremlin, is probably one of the most well known russian cathedrals.

Anya sent me an unique and beautiful religious temple card. 
Located in the Russian city of Kazan, the colorful Temple of All Religions, or Universal Temple is a mish-mash of architectural flourishes culled from most of the major world religions to create an uber-complex where all religions can come together in harmony. - in: http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/temple-of-all-religions

Built in 1753, Christ Church commemorates the 100th-year occupation of Malcca by the Dutch, and it stands on Jalan Gereja. 
Card sent by Wei.

Photo: Bob Clemenz
Jacquelynn sent me this beautiful church in Arizona. 
Mission San Xavier del Bac is a historic Spanish Catholic mission located about 10 miles (16 km) south of downtown Tucson, Arizona, on the Tohono O'odham San Xavier Indian Reservation. It was founded in 1692 by Padre Eusebio Kino in the center of a centuries-old Indian settlement of the Tohono O’odham (formerly known as Papago), located along the banks of the Santa Cruz River. The mission was named for Francis Xavier, a Christian missionary and co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) in Europe.
Today's Mission was built between 1783-1797; it is the oldest European structure in Arizona.
Widely considered to be the finest example of Spanish Colonial architecture in the United States, it hosts some 200,000 visitors each year. - in: wikipedia

Now a finnish church sent by Minna.
The church of Sastamala in Karkku (dedicated to St. Mary) was built in the end of 15th century. Unfortunately church was nearly abandoned for decades in the 19th and 20th centuries. During this time the floor was destroyed. The church was renovated in 1960-1977 and today it's used mainly for summer ceremonies.
There is a fine collection of historical artefacts in Sastamala church. Oldest items are probably a stone font from the 13th century and the part of gravestone with engraving "1304". - in: https://www.spottinghistory.com/view/46/sastamala-church/

Photographed & published by Pentti Harala, Espoo
Another church from Finland, this one sent by Liisa.
Tampere Cathedral, originally called St. John's Church was built in 1902-1907 after a National Romantic design by Lars Sonck. It has seating capacity of 2000, and the interior is decorated with famous works by Hugo Simberg, such as The Garden of Death and The Wounded Angel. The large altarpiece was painted by Magnus Enckell. The each of the six entrances to the building has its own gate in the surrounding stone wall. The church became a Cathedral in 1923, and is a popular place for weddings and concerts. - in: http://www.muuka.com/finnishpumpkin/churches/tampere/cwtata/church_cwtata.html

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