Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PT RR - Group 49 * Water

This group was dedicated to precious water. I've received cards from Brazil and France, sent by Joelma and Zé Pombal. 

Fotografia: Carlos Ney Schuch
Snow is not something that we associate with Brazil but the truth is that in some southern states, from time to time it snows, as can be seen here in this postcard of Gramado in Rio Grande do Sul state.
The Lago Nego - Black Lake was initially called the Valley of Bom Retiro. After a fire that devastated the immense forest existing in the region, Leopoldo Rosenfeldt built a lake in 1953, decorating its banks with trees imported from the Black Forest of Germany, hence its name, Black Lake. Its waters are deep and of a dark green, reflecting the high of the pine trees that alternate with the color of the azaleas in the winter and the blue of the hydrangeas in the summer.

The white cliffs and three natural rock arches of Etretat are some of the best-known sights in Upper Normandy in France and a popular day-trip destination.
These natural wonders are freely accessible, as is the white pebble beach. Claude Monet and other Impressionists famously painted the arches and cliffs in the nineteenth century. - in: https://www.european-traveler.com/france/see-white-chalk-cliffs-arches-etretat-normandy/

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