Saturday, January 18, 2020

Ana in Portugal

After many years chatting in the Postcrossing forum and exchanging cards, I finally got to meet Ana!!  We met last month in Porto and had a great time together. Meeting (most) postcrossers feels like meeting new old friends, if that makes any sense. New old friends because even if we meet for the 1st time, it is never strange or unconfortable, it is like meeting someone we know for years. I think I've said it before but I'll say it again, postcards bring people together and this is one of the reasons why Postcrossing is such a great hobby. 
What postcrossers do together? Buy, write and send cards. I've sent myself a card from Portugal with the beautiful D. Luís Bridge. Ana signed it too, of course. After Porto, Ana traveled to Lisbon and this week, I've got a card she sent me from there. 

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Bridge projected over the amazing Douro river by a disciple and co-worker of Gustave Eiffel: the Engineer Teófilo Seyring, in the end of the 19th century. 
This is a representative example of the architecture and Iron techniques. 
The D. Luís Bridge, that links Oporto to Vila Nova de Gaia, is composed by two metallic roadways supported by a big iron arch and five pillars. - in:

Forways, Lda
Lisbon's central park ascends one of the city's hills and provides a wonderful view from the top. It's made up of symmetrical box hedging and a variety of plants, most of them found inside glasshouses from the 1930s (the cool greenhouse and the heated greenhouse), which are filled with exotic species from tropical climates. This is one of the most important green spaces in Lisbon, considered an authentic living museum, with its small lakes and waterfalls, statuary, and hundreds of species of plants. On the opposite side is an attractive tile-covered building dedicated to Carlos Lopes (marathon winner at the Olympics in Los Angeles), which will soon be renovated to host cultural and sporting events. 
Every June the park hosts the city's annual book fair, lasting for several days.
The name is a tribute to the English monarch Edward VII, who visited Lisbon in 1903, five centuries after the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. 
At the top of the park is a lookout with a huge 20-meter-long Portuguese flag, and a monument to 1974's April 25th Carnations Revolution, inaugurated in 1997. - in:

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Ana said...

I always say, Postcrossing is one of the best things that have happened in my life and it is really hard for me to imagine what my life would be like, without it...