Saturday, June 21, 2008

Swiss Mountains

These cards sent by Barbara "never_summer" show what Switzerland is famous for: mountains.

This one shows the highest mountains in the Bernese Alps: Eiger 3570 m / 13026 ft.; Mönch 4099 m / 13499 ft.; Junfrau 4158 m / 13642 ft..

The Aletsch Glacier is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes the Jungfrau and the Bietschhorn.
"This is the largest glacier in the Alps. Covers more than 120 square kilometres (more than 45 square miles) in southern Switzerland. It descends round the south of the Jungfrau into the valley of the Upper Rhône; at its eastern extremity lies a glacier lake, Lake Märjelen (2,350 meters/7,711 feet). To the west rises Aletschhorn (4,195 meters/13,763 feet). The Rhône River flows along the southern flank of the mountains." - in: wikipedia.

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