Friday, May 5, 2017

Church of St. Mary of the Castle, Tavira - Portugal

As I said before, I went on holidays to Algarve last week. I've been to many places and Tavira was where I started to explore this portuguese region. It was also in Tavira that I had a mini postcrossing meeting. Well, it wasn't exactly mini, we were 5 postcroossers, me, Tiago, Celina, Paulo & Ana, the postcrossing founders, and Celina's friend. It was a meeting and every meeting has cards to sign. I decided to send myself a card with the Church of St. Mary of the castle. It posting it here with a card that Ninocas sent me 2 years ago. 

© Edição Vistal * Foto © Art & Concept: Gustav A. Wittich
Standing alongside the castle, Tavira's parish church incorporates the minaret of the town's Moorish mosque, remodelled to form the clock tower.

© Edição Vistal Foto * © ART & CONCEPT: Gustav A. Wittich
Inside are the fine 13th-century tombs of seven knights of the crusading Order of Saint James, whose ambush and murder prompted the Christian reconquest of the city. In addition to the fine tilework and gilded alter surrounds, the sacristy has a small museum displaying vestments and chalices. - in:

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