Friday, December 12, 2008

2 new unesco cards

After a few days complaining about the mail, today was finally, a great day. Besides Katy's Christmas card, i've also received this envelope from Germany with these beautiful unesco cards from Germany and Russia. Thanks a lot Sabine "bine", they're perfect.

"Quedlinburg is a town located north of the Harz mountains, in the west of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. In 1994 the medieval old town was set on the UNESCO world heritage list.
In the innermost parts of the town a wide selection of half-timbered buildings from at least five different centuries are to be found (including a 14th century structure one of Germany's oldest), while around the outer fringes of the old town there are wonderful examples of Art Nouveau buildings, mainly dating from the early 20th century.
Since December 1994 the old town of Quedlinburg and the castle mount with the collegiate church are listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Quedlinburg is one of the best-preserved medieval and renaissance towns in Europe, having miraculously escaped major damage in World War II." - in:

I was so happy when i saw this card. It was 1 of the cards on the album of the cards i would like to have and i absolutely love it. This is the Maliy Semyachik volcano, one of the many volcanoes in the Kamchatka Peninsula.
"This is one of the most outstanding volcanic regions in the world, with a high density of active volcanoes, a variety of types, and a wide range of related features. The six sites included in the serial designation group together the majority of volcanic features of the Kamchatka peninsula. The interplay of active volcanoes and glaciers forms a dynamic landscape of great beauty. The sites contain great species diversity, including the world's largest known variety of salmonoid fish and exceptional concentrations of sea otter, brown bear and Stellar's sea eagle.
The Volcanoes of Kamchatka are one of the most outstanding examples of the volcanic regions in the world. The site contains a high density of active volcanoes, a variety of different types and a wide range of volcanic features. The Peninsula location between a large continental landmass and the Pacific Ocean also exhibits unique characteristics with major concentrations of wildlife." - in


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This is very nice card!!

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Hi Martinha,
this is very nice card!

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