Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zaragoza - Spain

I've already talked a bit about Zaragoza because of the Expo 2008 that took place in the city last summer. I was in Zaragoza 3 years ago and bought a lot of beautiful cards.

This is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar. "The Basilica venerates Mary the mother of Jesus, under her title Our Lady of the Pillar praised as Mother of the Hispanic Peoples by Pope John Paul II. It is reputed to be the first church dedicated to Mary in history.
Local traditions take the history of this basilica to the dawn of Christianity in Spain attributing to an apparition to St James the greater, an Apostle who had brought Christianity to the country.
The architecture is of baroque style, and the present building was predominantly built between 1681 and 1872." - in: wikipedia

On this card we can see the tower of the San Pablo Church and the Basilica. San Pablo Church was built in 14th century, but tower can be an old minaret of the 11th century. The church is one of the Mudéjar monuments in the city classified as World Heritage Site.

Another example of the Mudéjar architecture is the Aljaferia Palace, also classified as World Heritage Site.
"The Aljafería Palace is a fortified palace built during the second half of the eleventh century, as the residence of the Banu Hud dynasty during the era of Al-Muqtadir and reflecting the splendor attained by the kingdom of the taifa of Zaragoza at the height of its grandeur. The palace currently contains the Cortes (regional parliament) of the autonomous community of Aragon.
The structure holds unique importance in that it is the only conserved testimony of a large building of Spanish Islamic architecture of the era of the Taifas (independent kingdoms)." - in: wikipedia

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