Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gdansk - Poland

Poland is 1 of those countries that i would love to visit. For a few days i thought it would be possible to go there by the end of the year but because of my work, that won't be possible :( :( I guess the only way to see Poland in the nearest future is by cards.

This is the St. Mary's Church in Gdansk. This is the extra card Ula sent with the GTKY valentine's card. For a cathedral lover, this card is perfect.
This cathedral is the largest brick church in the world, and one of the largest Brick Gothic buildings in Europe. It is 105.5 m long, and the nave is 66 m wide. Inside the church is room for 25,000 people.
The construction started in 1379 and finally finished after 1496. The church was severely damaged in World War II, during the storming of Danzig city by the Red Army in March 1945.

This was my 1st Gdansk card and it was sent by Sylwia. The card shows King Jan III Sobieski Statue. This bronze statue was built in 1897 in memory of King Jan III "who reigned in the 17th century and famously defeated the Turks at the gates of Vienna; thereby saving Europe from the Ottoman hordes. Originally displayed in Lviv, the monument was moved to Warsaw in 1950 before finally being shifted to Gdańsk in 1965. During martial law the monument became the starting point for several demonstrations and marches." - in:

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