Saturday, February 28, 2009

Carol's cards - USA

This week i've only received 4 cards and that was monday. Well, apart of the lack of cards, i'm not in the mood to make any updates because i get home around midnight and i'd rather check the forum or talk to some friends by msn.
I've started to write this post last night but i was too lazy to continue and i'm still lazy today. But now that i've started i'll show these 2 cards Carol "adobe" sent me in 2 different occasions.

This beautiful sunset was the 1st card i've received from her almost 2 years ago.
On the back of the card - "Arizona offers many attractions to fill your days and evenings with education and fun. Some of these attractions include: the Grand Canyon, London Bridge, Monument Valley and the red rocks of Sedona".

And she sent this one with the valentines card. Riggs Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in the Graham Mountains of southern Arizona.

Thanks Carol :D

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