Sunday, March 1, 2009

Erhai Lake - China

This is 1 of my favorite cards from China and 1 of the 1st from there. I got it a long time ago from a private swap with "soffita1".

"Erhai Lake is an alpine fault lake in Yunnan province, China. Erhai Lake is situated at 1,972 m above sea level.
The lakeshore can be explored by hiking. Highlights include Erhai Lake Park and the Butterfly Springs on the Western bank. Islands on the lake are also available to visits (including Jinsuo Island (Golden Shuttle Island), Xiaoputuo Island, Guanyin Ge and Nanzhao Fengqing Island).
The lake is an important food source for the local people (Bais), who are famous for their fishing method: their trained cormorants catch fish and return them to fishmongers. The birds are prevented from swallowing their fish by rings fixed around their neck." - in:

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