Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lamego - Portugal

In the portuguese community on the postcrossing forum, we've a photo contest each month. Everyone can send their pictures and the participants will vote for the best picture. The winner will receive 1 card from all the participants. Last month the theme was "show your city" and i was the lucky winner. Today arrived the 1st card, sent by Zé "zepombal".

Zé knows i like churches and cathedrals and he sent me this one from Lamego, new in my collection.
"The most significant moment in Lamego's history was in 1143, when nobles declared Afonso Henriques to be Portugal's first king. The town's Gothic cathedral was built by him, although only the Romanesque tower is left from the original building, with its carved Renaissance portal and fine cloister dating from the 16th and 18th centuries." - in:


Anonymous said...

I've found your blog, i like it very much :-) I collect postcards like you, but I started it only some weeks ago. Please visit my blog: If You dont have any postcards from Pécs (Hungary), I can send you :-)
Have a nice day!

imajica said...

hey! the contest sounds nice.. I would love it if we had one in malaysian community as well.. but we are not as many as your people :P