Friday, March 13, 2009

Serra da Estrela Dog - Portugal

I'm an animal lover. I grew up in a village, my granparents had farms and i always had a lot of animals around me. They always had dogs but never had Serra da Estrela dogs. One day i'll have one :D

The Serra da Estrela Dog is a portuguese breed of dog that has been used to guard herds and homesteads in the mountain Serra da Estrela for centuries.
They are very protective of their property and family, friendly with children, but suspicious of any strangers, and can be stubborn.

It still a working dog, guarding flocks in its native Portugal and elsewhere (the Portuguese Marines had even used them as patrol dogs). It is also an ideal family pet because of its alertness, loyalty, intelligence, and it’s instinct to nurture young; all features it needed in its earliest days." - in: wikipedia

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