Thursday, March 19, 2009

Europe RR - UK

Ana "ninocas" opened a few weeks ago the castles RR and a few days later she opened the Europe RR. Today i've received the 1st cards of the special group 1 for 3 unwritten cards in an envelope. These cards have been sent by Andy "duplevista".

Solva is a village in Wales. "This is an attractive and picturesque little village with a small sheltered harbour, a variety of small shops selling crafts, clothes, etc., pubs and eating places. Solva stands in a deep valley gouged out by water melting from glaciers and its position made it ideal as a base for trading ships in the 18th century.
When the tide is in, the valley fills slowly with water but when the tide goes out, the boats are left high and dry - ideal in the past for unloading cargoes. Today, apart from a few local fishermen, the harbour is used only by pleasure craft." -

On the back of the cards - East and West Looe: Twin town terraced on the shores of the Looe river which winds its way to the harbour. The older part of East Looe is a maze of narrow streets and gabled houses. The medieval Guildhall and a lovely 17th century house are of great interest. There is still surviving in West Looe a small 14th century church and a smuggler's inn, the "jolly sailor". The coastline faces south with sands well protected by the cliffs providing infinite possibilities for boating, bathing and fishing.

"Gairloch is a small village on the shores of Gair Loch on the northwest coast of Scotland. A popular tourist destination in the summer months, Gairloch boasts a golf course, a small museum, several hotels, a community centre, a leisure centre with sports facilities, a local radio station, beaches and nearby mountains." - in: wikipedia

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