Friday, March 27, 2009

Vila Nova de Milfontes - Portugal

Américo "valdagua" is my regular postcard pal and these are the last cards he sent me. All these cards are from Vila Nova de Milfontes, a town 115 km south to Lisbon.
These cards show the Mira river. "The river has its sources on the northern slopes of the Serra do Caldeirão and pursues a southeast-northwest course with a generally mild inclination to the Atlantic Ocean, where it discharges through a small calm delta near Vila Nova de Milfontes.

It is one of the two only rivers in Portugal with a chiefly south-north orientation (the other being its neighbour Sado) and one of the few rivers in Europe with this orientation.

Distributary streamlines run perpendicularly along the coastline and discharge directly to the Atlantic Ocean." - in: wikipedia

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