Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday i got this official chinese card sent by Kaige Lee. This is my first Macau card, a former portuguese colony.
The cards shows the Feast of the Drunken Dragon. This year will be hold on May 2nd.

"Feast of the Drunken Dragon is an extraordinary festival compared with the other foremost Chinese festivals in Macau. Organized by the fishermen associations to honor the celestial dragon that mythically saved the people from plague, Feast of the Drunken Dragon begins in the morning at the Kuan Tai Temple near Senado Square. Men dressed with woodenheads and dragon tails perform a drunken dance. Then, they proceed in the direction of the Inner Harbor, visiting some shops and quay on the waterfront. At every stop they drink wine until they are not able to go on. The participants and spectators end the day with a grand dinner.
Feast of the Drunken Dragon dates back to the Kangxi Kingdom of the Qing Dynasty. According to the fables once the villagers were carrying a statue of the Buddha and praying intently to get rid of plague that annihilated their population saw a giant python leaped out of the river onto the bank and obstructed their path. A Buddhist monk cut the monster into three pieces that were then thrown back into the river. A massive squall and thunder stormed as the pieces writhed about, then they disappeared in to the sky. Later the villagers recovered from the disease. Believing that a divine dragon had saved them, the villagers carved its image. Each year during the Feast of the Bathing of the Lord Buddha they drank with passion and danced with the dragon." - in:

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