Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today i've only received 1 card, an official from USA - US-365676, sent by Tami.

"The Tehachapi Loop is a .73 miles (1.17 km) long 'spiral', or helix, on the railroad main line through Tehachapi Pass, in south central California. The loop derives its name from the circuitous route it takes, in which the track passes over itself, a design which lessens the angle of the grade. A train more than 4,000 feet (1.2 km) long (about 85 boxcars) will thus pass over itself going around the loop.
The railroad line connects Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley to Mojave in the Antelope Valley. Hailed as one of the greatest engineering feats of its day (ca. 1876) as well as being the world's busiest single-track main, the line was built by Southern Pacific Railroad. Arthur De Wint Foote worked on it along with chief engineer William Hood.
It is now owned by Union Pacific BNSF also uses the loop under a trackage rights agreement. The area is considered to be one of the prime railfan areas in the country with its combination of frequent train traffic and spectacular scenery. A railroad museum with many historical rail artifacts is located in the small nearby city of Tehachapi." - in:
It is one of the seven wonders of the railroad world.


Chris Overstreet said...

That is very cool. I have often seen trains in the US that were easily longer than 85 boxcars, so I'm sure it happens often that trains on the loop pass over themselves.

Shaunna said...

there's a loop like that in Alberta (Canada) too. When we saw it, we were lucky enough to see a train coming out - and it was long enough that it was still going in. :) Very cool!

Ana said...

mmmmmm, a very cool card indeed! and i love the aerial view!