Friday, June 5, 2009

Madeira's Levadas - Portugal

A few days ago i tagged Joaquim "kosta28" and requested a Laurissilva Forest card, my last portuguese unesco whs. He was at the portuguese postcrossing meeting last weekend in Coimbra and he gave me the card.
My portuguese unesco cards collection is finally complete.
Madeira's Levadas are former irrigation channels along which people now walk, enjoying the beauty of the countryside and panoramic views of the lush surrounding hills.
Madeira is a natural reserve with two thirds of its territory assigned as a Conservation Area, where rare flora and fauna abound. On the 2nd December 1999 UNESCO classified the Laurisilva forest of Madeira as a World Nature Heritage Site.
The existence of an amazing network of primitive man made irrigation canals known, as Levadas as well as the Veredas or Mountain paths, will enable the attentive visitors to encounter along the way the rare indigenous Laurisilva forest of Madeira.

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