Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Postcrossing Meeting

Last weekend i went to the 3rd portuguese Postcrossing Meeting in Coimbra, my 1st meeting. The meeting was sunday but i've traveled to Coimbra saturday. That night i've met 3 postcrossers, kryx87, ninocas and her family and ludovico.

The meeting was great and 13 portuguese postcrossers were there. On this picture you can see 12 of them because Ana "subtleLens" was already gone when the pictures was taken.
From left to right (girls): Susana "susana_portugal"; Rita "rita_simões"; Ana "ninocas"; Cristina "kryx87"; Duarte (ninocas kid) behind Cristina; me; Paula "geminiscp"; (Boys): Francisco "ribossoma"; Américo "valdagua"; Joaquim "kosta28"; Fernando "fernandoferreira"; Luís "ludovico";"zepombal" .

Like in every postcrossing meeting, we also signed cards to send to some postcrossers friends (maybe you'll received one). I stole zepombal's idea and i've sent a card signed by them to me :P and received it today!!

I loved the meeting and i can't wait to go to another one!

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Sheila said...

How lovely to meet you all! I "know" several of you. :)