Friday, July 17, 2009

An Unesco envelope

Today my mailbox was empty but i still have a lot of cards that i received in the last days to show.
All these cards are unesco, 3 of them new in my collection. The envelope was sent from Poland by Andrzej "andes1".

Binarowa is a village in southern Poland.
The village is the site of St. Michael's Archangel church, built in the beginning of 16th century. This is one of the six Wooden Churches of Southern Little Poland, on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 2003.

Arles, in southern France, is a good example of the adaptation of an ancient city to medieval European civilization. It has some impressive Roman monuments, of which the earliest – the arena, the Roman theatre and the cryptoporticus (subterranean galleries) – date back to the 1st century B.C. The Arles Amphitheatre is a Roman amphitheatre that continues in use as a bullring.

"The city of L''viv, in Ukraine, founded in the late Middle Ages, was a flourishing administrative, religious and commercial centre for several centuries. The medieval urban topography has been preserved virtually intact (in particular, there is evidence of the different ethnic communities who lived there), along with many fine Baroque and later buildings.
In its urban fabric and its architecture, L’viv is an outstanding example of the fusion of the architectural and artistic traditions of eastern Europe with those of Italy and Germany. The political and commercial role of L’viv attracted to it a number of ethnic groups with different cultural and religious traditions, who established separate yet interdependent communities within the city, evidence for which is still discernible in the modern townscape." - in:

The Cologne Cathedral, in Germany, is also an whs but i already had it in my collection and have posted a card here with information about it.

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