Monday, July 27, 2009

X Photo Contest

A few days ago i won another photo contest on the portuguese community. This time the theme was "parties/festivities" and i won with a pictures from last year's carnival. Now is my turn to open a new contest and the theme is "the sea".
Last week i've started to receive the 1st postcards, prizes of the contest.

This one arrived from Brazil and it was sent my Cinthia.
The card don't identify these mountains in Campos de Jordão, São Paulo state, but according to wikipedia, Campos do Jordão is a city located on the Mantiqueira Mountains, so the mountains on the card must be the Mantiqueira Mountains.

Another cathedral for my collection, another 1 sent by Zé.
faro cathedral started to be built by the end of the 13th century. It suffered some alterations due to the english troops invasion and the 1755 earthquake.
The cathedral is one of the most sumptuous monuments in Faro's Old Town, decorated with gilded wood-work, marble inlaid work, ceramic tiles panels and sculptures.


Adrian LaRoque said...

Bonita coleção!

Kasia said...

This second stamp looks very tasty :)